Tennessee Carry: May 2023 Update

Before we dive any further into the course, let’s talk about the carry options available here in Tennessee. A lot has changed since we first offered this online course in January of 2020. The video below gives an update on recent changes in the law.

    • “Permitless” Carry
    • Carry Permits (Enhanced and Concealed)
    • Lifetime Permits (only available with the Enhanced Carry Permit)
    • Handgun Carry for Ages 18 to 20

    As a reminder, this online course only qualifies you for the Concealed Carry Permit, not the Enhanced Carry Permit. So, your permit will have to be renewed every eight years. The Concealed Carry permit does NOT have a lifetime option. If you’re interested in applying for a lifetime permit, you must get the Enhanced Carry permit instead. For more information on training for the Enhanced Carry permit, please visit our in-person training website or contact us.

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