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Street Law for Gun Owners

Do you understand the legal parameters of firearm ownership and concealed carry? Are you sure? Exercising your Second Amendment rights can be very liberating… unless you end up in jail. Check out this webinar for quick tips, resources, and Q&A on how to be both a gun owner and a law-abiding citizen.

Covered Topics

So, you got a gun? Great! And you’re learning how to operate it safely? Fabulous! But do you know the legal rules of gun ownership? That’s what this webinar is all about! Recent events have sparked a massive influx of new gun owners nationwide. But it’s not enough to buy a firearm and practice at the range. A truly responsible gun owner must be able to find, understand, and apply the law. At Citizens Safety Academy, we train new permit holders every week, and many of them ask the same questions about legal principles affecting gun ownership and concealed carry – questions like…

  • Will my insurance cover me?
  • How should I handle traffic stops?
  • What if someone attacks my dog?
  • Can I post gun videos on social media?
  • What if my attacker is unarmed?
  • What if I have an old felony conviction?

In this webinar, we’ll cover all those questions and more. And since misinformation could land you in jail (or worse), we’ll also debunk some of the biggest legal myths we often see circulating around the internet. We will NOT be offering legal advice (you’ll have to hire a lawyer for that), but the webinar will include several segments of open discussion and Q&A.

Video Preview

Looking for the live class?

This course was originally presented as a real-time webinar with a live virtual audience via Zoom. We’ve created this online course from the recording of that webinar. If you’d like to attend the live webinar so you can ask questions of the panelists, we offer that course every few months. Please check CSA’s website calendar or Eventbrite page to find the next offering. But if you’d rather stick with the video course, you’re in the right place!

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